Tutoring is an act as a tutor to ( a single student or a very small group). Tutoring benefits students in  helping them become independent learners and provides them with skills needed to succeed in school. They can improve in work, study habits, increased confidence and attitude. It can also improve a student’s social and behavioral skill. By attending tutoring, they can improve grades and increases motivation. It offers learning at your own pace and can improve self-esteem and it increases higher levels of learning.

I recently asked a former teacher of mine questions about tutoring.

When are the usual tutoring days?

“ My tutoring times are Tuesday and Thursday after school, or lunch by request.”

Does tutoring raise a student’s grade automatically when they attend?

“ I try to enter missing work or make-up work within 1-2 days. “

How long does tutoring take?

“ This varies greatly. I usually stay for as long as it takes to help all of my students that are attending that day. It can take as little as 5-10 minutes to make up a missing assignment, but I have had students stay as late as 5:30 to make up multiple missing assignments.”

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