Gossip ? By Isabella Gutierrez

Have you heard something about you  that wasn’t true? Have you told others something about someone that you heard through the grapevine?  Gossip is a horrible thing. It’s the reason why friendships are broken, why people get depressed about these things that they know are lies.

Gossip happens all the time, but no one likes it when it’s about him or her  or about close friends. Gossip can go around easily and fast; it’s like a contagious stomach bug that infects everyone.

Gossip is a harsh reality that  seems to be part of the school experience, but we should find better things in life to focus on that help us get our minds off the drama even if it is simple like drawing or listening to music.  It keeps your mind calm and at ease. Without gossip we could strengthen friendships and make more friends. Before you spill the next “juicy” bit of information, stop to T.H.I.N.K.  Is it TRUE? Is it HELPFUL? Is it INSPIRING? Is it NECESSARY? Is it KIND?  Let’s make 2019 a Gossip free year.

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