Teachers and Staff Carrying Guns

Some Texas schools are already allowing the teachers and staff to carrying guns in the classrooms. The law was passed in 2013 and has been in Lone Star State ever since. Some of the teachers are making videos of themselves and posting them on social media, talking about why they shouldn’t have to fix the problem with guns that guns started in the first place. They also said that it’s not their jobs to train to protect students from other guns with guns.

Not all the teachers are anti-guns because some think they can be trusted to protect the students.  . Some believe that guns in schools create new problems. Although extensive background checks and training are required, you can never be certain that a teacher, going through a rough time, may use the gun in an inappropriate way.   When that happens, what will they tell everyone who got hurt with the gun that the school provided to the teachers. In addition, public schools are hiring armed school marshalls to carry weapons and use force if necessary.

While safety in schools is a growing concern, I’m not convinced that placing guns on a school campus is the solution.

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