Crawfish Season


ITS CRAWFISH SEASON!!!!!!! Crawfish is not a food that everyone likes, but it is really delicious in my opinion. Crawfish season changes from year to year based on how cold the weather was during the winter; it also depends on the amount of rain there is.

Crawfish can last from November to July, especially during an exceptionally warm and wet winter, but these most reliable months. Crawfish can be found anywhere in restaurants but when people enjoy crawfish they like when it  can be cheap enough to afford and big enough to eat. When crawfish season is around the population reaches its peak and they’re large enough to make them worth eating. Restaurants can order their crawfish from farms in the Southern states. Here are some place to try or to find crawfish when you would like.

-River City Seafood & Grill

-Cajun Crawfish

-Comal Crawfish Company

-LA Crawfish

-The Crawfish Shack
I have been to a few good crawfish places and I have loved them all.

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