Have you ever gone  to the doctors about to get a shot and you’re just sitting there waiting ? Finally , when it’s done, your doctor or parents take you to get a sticker or ice cream. Well, Ethan Lindenberger grew up thinking that not getting a vaccination was normal, so he never got his shots. Now, at age 18 he has his own opinion of these vaccinations. Ethan said, “I had grown up with my mom being very staunch and open about her position against vaccines.” So when he became a teenager, he started to look into evidence to support reasons on why he should get his vaccinations, and because he is a legal adult now, he decided to get vaccinated despite his parent’s objections. He began to search place where he could get his first vaccines. He didn’t know growing up you can go to the health department and get a shot in your shoulder, arm for a bunch of really major  diseases that could have a lot of really serious side effects and a lot of bad implications. Ethan Lindenberger now has almost all his shots and is trying to find a way to encourage other parents to vaccinate their children. Ethan’s mother is really proud that he stood up for what he believes and is happy for him. Only a few states allow minors to get vaccinations without parental consent.

If you haven’t your vaccinations,there are websites for you to visit and check out. Get them now!!


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