Music Good For The Soul

Music can help people in several ways, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Music a way to express your feelings with the lyrics, the tones, the rhythm, etc.  The expression of our feelings whether sad or happy keeps us peaceful which good for our health.  Also, music can motivate us to get and keep being active in with the world and people around us.

Mentally, music has a way helping your mind be free or get “unstuck” by letting the music flow through instead of the repetitive or worried thoughts which confuse our thinking.

Emotionally, music is ver powerful.  It can calm, excite, still, encourage,  or pump us up .  When we select the right music, we can “go with flow” whether that flow is sleeping or dancing.

Finally, music helps people in a spiritual way by drawing out the soul and mind from behind mathematics and chores.  The sounds and rhythm of the music helps us keep order in mind, or to scrabble our thoughts, depending on the type and volume.

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