Multi-dimensional, The Pit (Part 2) by Shawn Wright

We fell for what seemed like eternity until we finally hit the bottom. Astonishingly, the place around us was a dark lime green,  Our vision was limited to only  a couple of yards because the candles which were there to give off light, weren’t lit.

Before I could further investigate our surroundings, I heard a growling sound. I looked at my friend and started to jog away from that sound.  Soon, I realized that the sound was comming closer and closer until – it stopped. Finally, I realized that the sound we heard was echoing.  I was relieved that the sound was only an echo but scared by the thought of what was making the sound in the first place!   My friend took watch, while I rested.  But after a hour or so he woke me looking looking terrified.  Whatever is out there is very close now.”

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