The Big Scooter Issue in San Antonio

By: Karolyne and Angelina

Have you ever wondered if those black electric scooters downtown ever caused problems for our city? With these scooters now available to every person in the city, there are very dangerous health and safety hazards.

Many people are vulnerable to getting physically hurt or prone to bacteria that a scooter carries with it. Some of the problems people claimed were that the riders can be hit by cars, fall down on busy roads or might even injure a pedestrian by hitting them. Health issues are also a concern with what the rider before you left on the scooter. The person before you maybe didn’t wash their hands or maybe they’re sick and didn’t clean the scooters handles. Whether it’s germs or crashing into something people are worried about, scooters are unsafe and cause our city too many unnecessary problems.

San Antonio City Council is meeting to consider the problems about the scooters. The council has approved of a new pilot program. The Transportation Committee has proposed some restrictions, such as the scooters being picked up and not being kept in the street, to encourage the city to make parking places for the scooters, and the scooters usage which will be limited to 16 hours or from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. On February 14th the Council had voted for the amendments. Some of the new rules are the riders have to ride on the sidewalks and stay two feet away from walking citizens, use bike lanes when needed to and always use the right lane, the rider must be at least 16 to ride, and the scooter companies must pay $100 to $500 application fee.
Scooters can be useful to the San Antonio’s citizens but are still very dangerous in some cases.

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