National Animal Pain Awareness Month

This September is a time for acknowledging and helping out animals in discomfort, whether it be minimal, or chronic mistreatment from ignorance. 

Puppies – let’s use puppies as an example. These cute young pups just want to smother you in kisses and see you happy. Some dogs (grown and trained) can help YOU with anxiety, disabilities, and so much more, so let’s give them help in exchange for all they do for us!

Not to be biased, but domesticated animals don’t deserve to feel uncomfortable or neglected.  Millions of dogs and cats are abused every week, not to mention, countless exotic pets, and wild animals mistreated by humans out in the open in event such as dogs fights! 

We need to step up and care for animals all over the world.  A growing business called the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) specializes in pain practitioners, rehabilitation, and therapeutic treatment for animals. IVAPM has proclaimed Animal Pain Awareness Month, because humans are not the only ones who can have diseases, surgery, pain, and, especially, emotions!

If you’d like to donate to this foundation, or recieve help with your own pets, feel free to visit! Their pain is our pain too.¨ Happy National Animal Pain Awareness Month.” 




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