Nice and Funny

I am:

I am nice and funny 

I wonder if people care about me 

I heard the rain 

I see that my uncle is gonna be with me again 

I want him to be with family again 

I am nice and funny 


I pretend to be happy sometimes when I’m really not

I feel that I’m gonna be a doctor to save people’s lives 

I touch people’s hearts  

I feel when they’re sad,  and they make me sad 

I worry if I’m gonna pass the STAAR 

I worry if the person I really care about is gonna still be mad at me 

I cry when someone else  cries or when I’m sad  

I am nice and funny 


I understand that Im not that smart for pass the STAAR

I say to my mom that Im gonna pass it, but I’m not sure 

I dream about passing the STAAR, and thinking about it 


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