NEISD Wireless Password Compromised

NEISD Wireless Photo
A photo of what an ipod looks like when it's connected to the NEISD Wireless network.

Many students at school now have the password to NEISD’s Wi-Fi network. It remains unknown who leaked the password, however it has been alleged that it started at another high school within the district and has been spreading from school to school within the last month.

Although the people who have the passcode may not see what the big deal is, it compromises the quality of bandwidth within the firewall  and isn’t being ignored by the ‘higher-ups’.

“We have a full staff at central office that constantly monitors the network and Wi-Fi,” Principal Bill Boyd said. “They typically change the passcode every four to six weeks, to avoid these kids of things. It started at another school, but through texting and other electronics, it (the password) has made its way here to Reagan.”

This past summer, the district installed wireless routers around the schools and campuses to boost bandwidth which makes webpages and everything internet related go faster.

“Last year, we only had four Wi-Fi labs. Now, with these new routers installed it has boosted the signal and it has quadrupled our capacity,” Boyd said

With the use of multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices on campus, the hacking of the signal has put other legitimate uses of the internet in jeopardy.

“Just like supply and demand, if there is too much need and there isnt enough supply, it moves slowly,” Freshmen Matt Visio said.  In this situation, almost every student here at Reagan, and NEISD for that matter, has an iPod Touch, iPhone [or Wi-Fi enabled device]. They connect the [device] to the wireless signal and each sucks up bandwidth that is needed for the many computers here at Reagan.”

Even though the internet will work on iPods and smart phones, the firewall is still active on these mobile devices. This means that applications like the Facebook and Youtube will not work off of the school’s Wi-Fi signal.

Mr. Boyd said that any student who is found hacking into or is known to have the NEISD Wi-Fi password is taking the chance of having their internet privileges revoked and disciplinary action to take place.

According to the district’s acceptable use policy (AUP) these consequences may include, but are not limited to, suspension, removal to alternate education placement, and/or expulsion. In addition, the student’s use of District technologies may be suspended or restricted.

Central office will change the Wi-Fi password sooner or later, but it seems it is only a matter of time (with all the technology and resources now-a-days) that someone, somewhere will hack it, thus starting the chain all over again.

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Daniel Tran was on the newspaper staff for Barbara Bush Middle School. He loves Photography and writing. Born on March 22, 1996, he attended school at Hardy Oak Elementary, went on to Bush Middle School and now is a freshman at Ronald Reagan High School. You can reach him at

26 thoughts on “NEISD Wireless Password Compromised

  1. I can’t believe people are ignorant enough to say there’s no possible way of hacking a webcam through malware. Anything is possible, have you not seen Anonymous Attack Sites like Sony, Credit card companies, including paypal. Let alone the fact government websites were taken down as well back in 2012.

  2. I am just wondering how in the world someone can hack that. It’s cool to be able to have that sort of brain power, but not at the same time. Our educators and faculty take a lot of time to set these things up. We should respect them and their hard work they put into making our WiFi possible.

    Fellow Reagan Rattler,
    Morgan Carey

  3. I am a freshman at the school Robert E lee high school. I have the password for the schools wifi, I was given the code from a friend that has a friend that knows the password. No matter what happens, students will always rebel, it’s just always a part of society.

  4. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, you cannot activate a random persons webcam from halfway across the globe and you cannot push a virus to someones computer. In order for someone to obtain a virus they must download an executable file (.exe)

  5. Obviously, you don’t know what you’re talking about “Saila Suoiretsym” because, if you did, then you would know that these days, practically anything is possible. Like activating someone’s webcam from another computer half a globe away (without permission/pre-downloaded programs). You can control the computer and do whatever you want, pushing virus’ through a wifi network is an entry level skill to hackers.

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