A Voice for the Quiet

Quietest seniors Rosaline Chen and Evan Tan

The quietest seniors are oftentimes overlooked in the shadows of other superlatives like “Most Likely to be President” and “Best Smile.” This category is looked at as an honor to some, but at the same time not too appealing compared to the other categories. Although the category is not the most popular, the people elected don’t necessarily take it as an insult.

“I’m not sure on how I feel about being named the quietest person in the 2011 Senior Class. I feel it’s an honor but not very appealing,” senior Evan Tan said.

This unique category doesn’t always fit the people elected to best take the spot. Although Tan feels the category fits him, Rosaline Chen feels it’s ironic to be named the quietest since and says she might be one of the louder ones in the 2011 class.

“I think it’s ironic that they voted me the quietest since I’m really not,” senior Rosaline Chen said.

Not many take notice of the quietest people in their class, but those who are elected to take on the role still feel it’s an honor even though the might not be the class clown or the one to be a president.

“I feel it’s an honor because that means that people know me enough to pick me for the spot,” Chen said.

However, these two seniors can’t be the quietest people at Reagan forever. While Chen and Tan head off to college, the search for 2012’s quietest people continues.

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