Adding Another Dimension to Your Music

3D Audio iTouch
3D Audio is the next big thing in music technologies.

While the world is still in shock from 3D television, the technology continues to grow.  The next big thing is the concept of 3D audio.

Many of us have experienced the 3D effect from movies and now televison but the rising idea 3D audio leaves many questioning on what it could possibly be. This new way of listening to your music gives the listener multiple sound effects and places it anywhere in 3D space, not just in your head. That means that sounds could be placed above, behind or even below you just as 3D imaging does for you in the movies.

“I can’t really tell whether the sounds are really all around me or not,” junior Mark Mansi said, “but I can imagine it being different compared to a normal MP3.”

Since the incredible way of listening to music hasn’t been released for too long, it may take a while before it could become just as popular as 3D imaging. Fortunately, the idea is spreading rapidly since the iPod is not the only way of listening to the new audio. 3D audio ranges from surround sound, car speakers, and speaker arrays.  There isn’t just one person to whom the idea of 3D audio is attributed; many inventors around the globe have played with the concept.
“I think that if this really kicks off and is successful,” Mansi said, “this has the potential to make big bucks.”
Inventors have already begun to merge the idea with 3D motion pictures and imaging in order to create a whole new perspective on watching movies or even a T.V show in your own home. As the technological market continues to expand, who knows what could be the next best thing to happen with 3D audio or the market in general.




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