The Bench Pressing Orthodontist

Evan Edwards Yearbook Portrait
Evan Edwards says his favorite class is Journalism I. "Because Ms. Sandoval is my teacher," he said.

Story by Nathan Ryan – Journalism
Edited for the Recorder

Sweating, benching a whopping two hundred pounds, curling fifty pounds at ten reps each for an hour straight and pushing himself to his limit, sophomore Evan Edwards is in his father’s apartment complex gym yet again, just a part of his every-other-day routine.  He loves working out.

“It gets my blood flowing,” he said, eyes sparkling with a flash of energy.

Tall, dark, and built, Edwards might seem intimidating to someone who doesn’t know him.  But beneath the sturdy muscle exterior, he’s just a regular kid with what many people describe as a cool personality.

When freshman Alyssa Gonzales first met Edwards, she thought he was just another loud and obnoxious kid in their Journalism I class.

“After I got to know him, [I realized] he is a very caring and sweet kid,” Gonzales said.  “He puts on a show for his friends, but he is completely different when we talk alone.”

Even his English teacher Pamela Swanson agrees that it “takes a while for him to warm up.”

“But when he does,” Swanson said, “He’s a pretty cool guy.  He enjoys socializing.”

The youngest of three boys, Edwards was born in New Hampshire but now calls San Antonio his home.  He spends a lot of time with his immediate family, but invests the majority of his free time in the gym.  He substitutes working our for extracurriculars and can be found bench pressing every other day for an hour at a time.

Edwards has an affinity for his journalism class and he also has what ninth grade English teacher Rachel Youngblood describes as a “great radio voice.”

“He should look for a job in radio,” Youngblood said.  “He has a great voice and he is funny.”

But Edwards’ goals for the future lie in another field entirely: Orthodontics.

“Because my parents are in the medical business,” he said, confident in his own abilities to carry on the family trade.

Business aside, Edwards enjoys hanging out with his close friends, sophomores Max Salazar and Stoney Hall.  He also likes comedy movies; master of hilarity Zach Galifinakis is his favorite actor.  Fitting, since his friends describe him as “funny.”

“And very chill,” Salazar added.

It is often proven that looks can be deceiving.  In the case of Ethan Edwards, his dark and sturdy exterior belies the warmth, humor and modest aspirations beneath.

“If you ‘get’ Evan,” Swanson said, “he is very easy to get along with.”

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