Should Seniors Have Less Homework?

At Reagan, seniors have special events and privileges that are exclusive to their class, such as movie and breakfast taco day, and senior field day, while the rest of the school is doing standardized testing. Seniors also have the option to have late arrival, and early release from school.  Now that their high school careers are coming to a close, should they be given as much work as the rest of the school? Or should their workload be rationed as graduation nears?

Senioritis Featured
Seniors are beginning to leave books and backpacks closed and choose sleep over school.

It is now second semester of the 2011-2012 school year, and as it is coming to a close, many seniors find themselves putting off work more often than ever before.  After attending school nine months out of each year for twelve and a half years straight, it is easy to slip out of routines and develop bad habits.  It’s not uncommon to notice seniors replacing studying with sleeping, projects with TV, and homework with “Facebook stalking.”  Should these lazy habits be rewarded with less homework?

The senior class would really appreciate little to no work during the second semester.  Some teachers could most definitely loosen the work load due to the time of the year, and in consideration of how stressful and demanding applying to college is.  Second semester many students find themselves drained, and most of their grades are straddling the line between passing and failing.  Most say, “So what? I’m already in college!”  If the school were to allow teachers to cut work loads, would the students get so lazy they would quit working all together?

A solution could be for the teachers to have rewards for the students who have the least amount of late work and turn in each assignment with effort clearly put into it.  Work would still be required, but it would benefit the lazy students to actually open their backpacks at home, to receive their reward.  A little healthy bribery never hurts when it comes to success in school.

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Emily Brown is a senior at Ronald Reagan High School. She is in the Reagan Kantorei choir. Emily is one of the photographers on the newspaper staff. She plans to go to a university and major in photography next year after graduating. You can contact her at

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