The Chemistry Teaching Guitarist

Montamat poses with his guitar in front of a periodic table in his classroom, displaying his dual loves of science and music.

When you walk into his classroom, you might just assume that Matthew Montamat is an ordinary Chemistry and Earth and Space Science teacher, but he is the exact opposite. He is an exciting and outgoing mentor, guitarist and family man.

Montamat became a teacher in 1995 at Southside Middle School. In 2002 he came to Reagan to teach IPC and then, later, Chemistry and Earth and Space Science.

“I am very passionate about science,” Montamat said.

Montamat doesn’t mind cracking a few jokes time to time with his students and making their learning environment be the as fun as possible when they are in his class. He finds entertaining ways to teach students things that would otherwise be considered “boring.”

Science isn’t the only thing Montamat is passionate about. He is also a musician; he picked up the guitar and learned his first song, the classic rock anthem Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, in 1977.  Now he is sponsoring Guitar Club for the second year in a row.

Montamat was born in Florida and moved to Texas shortly after. He has two kids and a wife whom he cares greatly about.

After just a few minutes in his classroom, it’s obvious that Montamat is a kid at heart and loves nothing more than walking into his class and teaching the students that he loves.


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