From Field to Desk

Taking on the role of assistant principal, former football coach and World History teacher Glenn MacLeay has had a major change in scenery, going from field and classroom to administrative desk.

MacLeay was used to teaching kids about his preferred topic, world history, but now that he has become assistant principal, and his job has changed.

“[It’s a] big change in my life,” MacLeay said. “I am not teaching students, but teaching teachers.”

Mr. Macleay sits proudly in his new office, a perk of becoming an administrator.

MacLeay is now getting a higher pay grade, and he’s watching out for students’ safety.

“I loved teaching,” MacLeay said, “but now I get to look over the students.”

A higher status comes with bigger responsibilities, he said. MacLeay has now different clubs and activities that he is in charge of.

“I have a lot of obligations: student clubs, organizations, custodians,  ROTC, work orders — like if anything breaks,” MacLeay said. “Special educations, fire drills, safety committee. Regular APs do supervision.”

Mr. MacLeay works in a group with other assistant principals to help watch over the school and students. They sit together during lunch to chat, hang out, discuss plans or pass information. They make sure that no fights, especially food fights, break out.

“Teachers and administration work together to watch over the students due to Reagan being so big,” MacLeay said.

He first arrived called him coach now with the big change to assistant principal he still wishes to be called that.

Even with the change in scenery, MacLeay wishes to maintain the friendly disposition he had as a coach and teacher.

“I still want to be known as coach,” MacLeay said.

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