Winners’ Circle Pairs with Mothers Against Drunk Driving

To remind students to be extra cautious on the road during spring break, Winners’ Circle Club paired up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to host a fundraiser.

Winners’ Circle PTA sponsors, Yvonne Moody collect money during sixth period lunch for the Mothers Against Drunk Driving fundraiser.

Students who donate can choose to put their money in one of five jars with a teacher’s name on it. The teacher whose jar collects the most money by the end of the week will be pied in the face on Friday at lunch during a MADD presentation. The teachers who volunteered to be on the ballot for a possible pie thrown in their face are James Howard, Deborah Ruel-Schaefer, Matthew Montamat, Valeria Sisson  and Loren Spencer.

The PTA is also selling, for a $1 each, sunglasses and passes for students to wear hats in school on Wednesday.

The fundraiser is a bit of friendly competition between Johnson, Churchill and Reagan, PTA sponsor Yvonne Moody said. The Winners’ Circle Club advisory boards at the two schools to receive the largest amount of donations for MADD will participate in a paint war.

“The schools are pitting against each other,” Moody said. “The Winners’ Circle decided it would be a fun competition to see who could raise the most money.”

So far, Moody said, the fundraiser has raised around $30. She is hoping they will be able to raise a lot more before Friday when representatives from MADD will be on campus during all lunches with a DJ to educate students about the dangers of drunk driving.

“They will be handing out brochures and things like that,” Moody said. “MADD has a lot of educational programs. They prevent underage drinking and support local law enforcement.”

Simulcast will film the MADD presentation and pie-throwing events on Friday and show them on the morning announcements.

“It’s a good cause,” senior Winners’ Circle advisory board member Allyson Scruggs said. “We want to remind everyone to be really safe.”

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