School Meets Higher Safety Standards

When the magnet is placed over the lock hole, students can push doors open while the door remains locked.

As part of recent safety updates, door magnets have been issued to all teachers.

“District wide, they were just delivered, though we do have to order more cause some rip or get torn up,” assistant principal Glenn MacLeay said.

The door strips are placed over the lock hole, so that teachers can keep their doors locked at all times, but the door can still be opened. Then, when the strip is moved, the lock slides into place.

“The door strips give the teachers more control,” MacLeay said. “They get to leave the door locked without having to worry about trying to get in. It’s also great for substitutes, so they can leave the door locked to help control the classroom.”

The teachers around campus all have different views of the door strips. Some see the door strips as a bad investment.

“They’re ineffective because a lot of teachers lost them already,” world geography teacher Kesa Armstrong said.

Science teacher Lesley Poirier feels that they would be better if they were higher quality, but likes that the school is making student safety a higher priority. Other measures are also being taken to increase security around the school.

“When we had the safety drills earlier in the year, we reevaluated all of them, MacLeay said. “It was a total revamp of the drills. We are much more vigilant about bagging people, the police officer check doors every period, teachers were given areas and rooms to watch and new keys were made to help the teacher maintain the doors.”

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