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Before the bell rings, junior Tyson works hard to make a duct tape glove in the Creation Den in the library. “I’ve made one before, but it broke so I came back to make a new one,” Tyson said.

Makerspace is a national movement to make creative spaces in libraries across the country. Librarian Connie Lippenholz saw a blog from a librarian about it and thought it might be a neat idea for Reagan, so she established one that meets in the library on Tuesday morning.

“I don’t consider Makerspace a club,” Lippenholz said. “It’s more of a revolving door. It’s not a requirement.”

Lippenholz wants Makerspace to be a break from school activities, rather than another obligation. Sophomore Austin Ikerd has participated in all of the sessions so far and feels that it’s “fun to blow stuff off for a morning.”

“I want it to be more like playtime,” Lippenholz said. “Students have so many assignments and projects, and they need a time to just sit and play, a time where they don’t have to worry about due dates or turning something in.”

The club revolves around the idea of creating and collaborating with other people. Each Tuesday has different materials for the people who attend to make whatever they can think of with.

“I like that it’s unstructured,” Lippenholz said. “People can tap into their creative side, and everyone can enjoy it. It’s just a time for everybody to play.”

Makerspace has created with balloon animals, building pieces, and duct tape. They have plans to do things like paracord bracelets and snap circuits. They hope to get a 3-D printer in the near future, possibly as soon as next year.

“I’m hoping for a morning with popsicle sticks and hot glue guns,” Ikerd said.

Teachers and students can attend to create and collaborate, or they can talk to Mrs. Lippenholz about leading a meeting if they have an idea for a creative project.

Makerspace is the name of the national organization, but Reagan’s chapter goes by the name Creator’s Den.

“It’s a pretty interesting group,” freshman Hasanain said on his first visit to Creator’s Den. “I think it’s a good idea.”

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  1. Thanks for checking out our MakerSpace! Every week we have a different activity – build a house of cards, create with balloons, learn to fold origami, play with electrical circuits, build a rover, and much more. We are open to your creative suggestions for future activities as well.

    So please stop in, every Tuesday morning before school, and PLAY!!!

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