Dance Like No One’s Watching

Ashton Brown was voted the superlative “Best Dancer” by the senior class of 2013. PHOTO BY E. ARAUJO

Ashton Brown doesn’t care if you don’t like his music, he is going to play it anyway.

The senior class voted Brown “best dancer” and it’s evident that he likes to groove whenever he has a free moment in the school day.

“I bring music to school to express my love for it,” Brown said. “I use it as a psychological experiment. I also bring it to find people who share a love for my type of music.”

Not all people are a fan of the public display, including the faculty.

“Teachers tell me to turn it off,” he said.  “I mean, it’s not offensive, but I am just trying to show them that my music is not bad.”

Brown carries external speakers in his backpack and serenades many a passerby with his latest playlist.

“I played Gangnam Style before it was popular and no one liked it, but now they do because of its popularity,” Brown said.  “I use music to see if you are the followers or the leaders of the school.”

Like Brown, sophomore Brittany Cortez brings speakers to school and plays her music during fourth period lunch

Freshman Matthew Leria performs a back-bending dance move while students and Assistant Principal Robin Hays watch. Leria is one of the many students known to perform during 4th period lunch. PHOTO BY C. CALDAROLA

“Its helps me relax me with a long day of school,” Cortez said.

Cortez a plays her music while in line waiting for food and then continues the listening session while eating.

With the music comes the dance moves.

“I bring music to dance,” freshman Kevin Lee said.

Lee is a fan of  dub step and right along with the music listeners, he started dancing during fourth period lunch.

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