In Their Element

Five of Bridget Cavallaro’s chemistry students received awards for their scores on the Annual High School Chemistry Exam at the American Chemical Society awards banquet on Tuesday, May 7 at St. Philip’s College.

Sophomore Jennifer McCormick, junior Johnathan Balraj, chemistry teacher Bridget Cavallaro, senior Diego Barba and junior Carson Casey. PHOTO BY K. SEAVERS


The national exam is given to students as a qualifier to determine who will represent the United States in the annual international Chemistry Olympiad. Local awards are given to the students who receive the top scores in the city. Reagan had the most students represented at the San Antonio exam with over 40 students taking the test.

After receiving her award for placing third of first-year students with a score of 79 on the Annual High School Chemistry Exam, sophomore Jennifer McCormick poses for a photo with chemistry teacher Bridget Cavallero.

Winners are divided into two categories: First-year chemistry students and second-year chemistry students.

Junior Carson Casey placed second in the two-year category with a score of 89 percent.

“This is really exciting for my future,” Casey, who would like to study biochemistry at the Air Force Academy, said. “Ms. Cavallaro’s class was enough to help me prepare.”

Cavallaro said the success of her students was based on their personal motivation.

“It’s amazing,” Cavallaro said. “First of all, at Reagan the students are super motivated and interested in going to college. [The exam] wasn’t extra credit or special credit. They came on their own time, and that shows character.”

Results from Annual High School Chemistry Exam:

Keynote speaker at the American Chemical Society awards banquet, Trinity University professor Nancy Mills gives a lecture on antiaromatics on Tuesday, May 7 at St. Philip’s College.

Second-Year Chemistry Student Winners:
Carson Casey (won and was asked to compete in the next round to decide who would represent the country in the Chemistry Olympiad)
Diego Barba
Johnathan Balraj

First-year Chemistry Student Winners:
Christian Clark
Jennifer McCormick


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