Moving Forward: New Principal Makes Success a Priority

The local media interviews Principal Brenda Shelton at Rattler Round-up on Fri. Aug 23, 2013. PHOTO BY N. RYAN-REGALIA YEARBOOK

The look on his face meant everything.

During her time as principal of Wood Middle School, Brenda Shelton organized a 5k. The smile on the face of a special needs child who struggled to walk after he finished the race gave her the most rewarding moment from her time as a principal.

Now Shelton has taken over as principal of Reagan, after working three years as principal of Tejeda Middle School and 24 years total in the education field.

However, the education field isn’t where she saw herself originally.

“I was going to be in medicine,” Shelton said. “I always planned on being in medicine. When my brother became a doctor, we sat down and had a talk about what would be the best career for me, and I decided I wanted to go into education. The money is less, but I feel called to do what I do.”

What she does is take a hands-on approach to her position. She feels her office confines her, so Shelton makes a point to spend time out around campus.

“I love the classroom,” Shelton said. “I hope I get do a lot of observing.”

Some students are hesitant about the change, especially about the policies she has started to enforce, such as dress code.

“I wish she was looser on dress code,” sophomore Natalie Torresdey said. “But I think she’s really smart and experienced.”

She expects faculty and students to be hesitant about her taking over after Bill Boyd’s reign of nine years, but she assures them she won’t be changing everything.

“Students, I sincerely mean my door is always open. And relax, I’m not here to change everything,” Shelton said. “Teachers, I want to be available. I gave you my cell phone number, I want you to use it. I look forward to working with you.”

Along with a new principal, Reagan also welcomes Ruth Welch, the new principal’s secretary. Welch and Shelton are both looking forward to working together and working with the faculty.

“[Shelton] really loves students, and she wants them to succeed. That’s her priority,” Ruth Welch, principal’s secretary, said. “That’s one of the things I like about her.”

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