Dancing to Another Tune: Teachers Become Students

They could be seen flailing their arms and counting out steps in the halls, cafeteria, office and classrooms. In-between lessons, meetings and grading, the teacher became a student…of dance.

About 80 Diamond Dancers and Silver Stars chose their favorite teacher/administrator to perform a dance routine with them during halftime at the October 18 football game against MacArthur. The teachers would meet outside of class to practice with their dance student “teacher” and learn the routine.

From late September until the minutes leading up to the moment they stepped off the field, the dancers encouraged their select faculty member through a routine that Dance Director Valeria Sisson described as being “a paramount event that will go down in Reagan History.”

“We had a great time learning and laughing at each other,” science teacher Stacy Long said. “The girls did awesome teaching us.”

On the day of the performance, several teachers started to get a little nervous.

“They are just as bad as we are, sophomore Silver Star Dancer of the Week Emily Coulston said. “They were asking us about how they should style their hair and what kind of outfits to wear.”

The evening was busy, complete with a pink-out, National Merit Scholar recipients, a 49-13 win over Mac and rain that didn’t ruin the teacher’s dance parade.

View the video from the performance here http://bit.ly/19gmT6H

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One thought on “Dancing to Another Tune: Teachers Become Students

  1. One of the most exciting things I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing as a teacher. So much fun! Thank you, Ashton Hampey, for inviting me. Thank you, Valeria Sisson, for giving us the opportunity! I can’t wait to see what comes next. Rattler X-Factor? Reagan’s Got Talent? Reagan Idol? Dancing with the Rattlers?

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