Taco ’bout Hungry: Reagan, Churchill Face Off in Eating Contest

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Not even the downpour of rain could stop the Rattlers from winning…again.

Crowds gathered at Habanero’s Grill on Wednesday, October 30 to see who could stomach the most bean and cheese tacos in two minutes. Seven contestants from each school withstood the wet food all for good sport and good cause.

“I thought [the tacos] would be easy [like] Taco Cabana and I could down them in one bite, but each one took a good couple bites,” senior contestant Danny Tran said. “It was hard but really fun and exciting.”

Contestants ranged from different organizations on campus, including Assistant Principal Eric Wernli.

In addition to the amount of tacos eaten, from every $20 raised from purchases or donations, one taco was added to the school’s total. The school with the most overall taco total received 20% of profits raised to the Make a Wish Foundation.

“[The two schools] came together to achieve a common goal in a fun and friendly way,” Tran said.

Although Reagan won the eating contest 21 tacos to 17, the Chargers edged out the Rattlers in money raised. Reagan contributed $125, while Churchill raised $157. This brought the overall total of 51 tacos to Reagan and 52 tacos to Churchill.

However, the fact remains that the Rattlers are 8-0 going into the game on Friday, not to mention 1-0 in taco eating contests.

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