Say Yes to the Dress

The gentle hum of sewing machines fill the air. There are fabrics plastered over tables and needles for as far as the eye can see. Two young girls sit in the middle of the room lost in their work. The one on the right, with jet black hair and small eyes that peek up over her dark frames, smiles meekly. She continues to glue playing cards onto her mannequin. To her left, there’s a girl with dark, curly hair and bright red lips, intricately twisting coffee filters into flowers and placing them on the dress. Though most would have opted for a more simple material, these girls know that their choices could either make them or break them.

Senior Sabrina Walji works on her dress in her fashion design class, made of coffee filters for the San Antonio Fashion Week show on November 4, 2013. PHOTO BY B. MELENDEZ

Seniors Kelly Wang and Sabrina Walji are putting the final touches on their eco-friendly dresses that are going to be featured in the Recycled Runway competition as a part of San Antonio Fashion Week on November 4, 2013. Though applications to such events is apart of their grade, the competition offers a $500 cash prize for best in show and great exposure to many of the top designers in the area.

 Getting into San Antonio Fashion Week is a competition in its own, which makes the acceptance that much sweeter.

“I remember just pinching myself saying, ‘Oh my god, I’m going to be in San Antonio Fashion Week.’ I was just over the moon about it,” Walji said.

Inspiration for these green gowns come from many big names in fashion such as Zac Posen, Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior, but the story behind Wang’s piece hits a little closer to home.

Senior fashion designer Kelly Wang poses with her model wearing the final garment made out of playing card. PHOTO BY N. HAYES

“I turned on my dads old phone and [the screensaver] had me making card towers and I was like, ‘You know what, I should apply this to my skirt.’ and that’s how I got inspired” Wang said.

Both girls owe a lot to fashion teacher and sewing guru Lyndi Brewer, whom they believe helped shape them as designers today.

“She’s our little angel,” Walji said. “Our little sewing angel.”

Brewer notes that the pair have great creativity when it comes to designs and although they are best friends their styles can be quite different.

“Kelly is more ‘outside of the box’ in her designs,” Brewer said. “Sabrina sticks more to what’s in trend, but she’s creative in the way that she does it.”

With the competition fast approaching, the girls only seem to be looking forward to one thing:

“The moment,” Wang says,  “Honestly, I don’t care if I win or whatever I just want the moment.”

As seniors, the girls are beginning to think about their future careers with Wang hoping to major in fashion design and Walji in visual communications.

 “I hope that their creativity just keeps on going and going, and that they don’t stop loving sewing.” Brewer said.

Wherever their future takes them, they will always remember their days as students in Ms. Brewers classroom.

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