The Most Interesting Girl on Campus

Senior Sahar Walji can be seen in her natural habitat in the space between the yearbook room and her mosque. She is a unique being, having a fascination with science and journalism, and an affinity for helping others.

“I want people to think I’m weird,” Walji said. “I want people to look at me and be confused. I don’t want to be predictable.”

Known for putting up a picture of a cat around school, Walji has plans for as the year progresses.

Walji’s cat hangs in the hallway. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION

“I found the picture of the cat eating the cheeseburger, and I just thought, I want this to be my legacy,” Walji said. “I plan on making the photos get bigger and bigger.”

After a joking comment made by her teacher about getting out of an exam, Walji made and wore a t-shirt with the picture on it, then took a picture with the entire administrative staff.

“I don’t think he really meant it, but I did it!” Walji said.

Walji used to volunteer at an animal shelter, where she found her love for cats.

“I have a pet cat, I love cats, I started volunteering at an animal shelter, and while I was there and I fell in love with this kitten,” Walji said. “I told my parents, ‘I have to have this cat.’”

She now volunteers at various places such as Habitat for Humanity and Bike MS as a part of youth group, along with being very active in the publications department and being vice president of the Chemistry Club.

“She’s very hardworking, and she keeps everyone on task,” yearbook editor Nathan Ryan said. “She has great grammar, and she makes sure the people around her are writing well.”

Currently a staff member of the Regalia, Reagan’s yearbook, Walji sees herself having a career in journalism.

“A talk show would be the awesome, but so would working for the New York Times, Huffington Post, or NPR. I’m not sure exactly what I want to do, but I want to work in journalism,” Walji said.

Her goal isn’t far off. In a recent state convention, she placed superior in broadcast writing.

“I basically got first in a broadcast journalism contest, and I just couldn’t believe it,” Walji said.  “I mean, it was kind of like finding out you’re best in state.”

“Sahar is diligent, very organized, she takes charge of a group, and she’s very dependable,” Glenn Harral, a former teacher of Walji’s, said. “She’s one of a kind. I’m not sure you can have another student like her.”

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