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Fashion club members senior Sabrina Walji and sophomore Maria Moya-Heyden create their own flower crowns during the club's last meeting. PHOTO BY B.MELENDEZ
Fashion club members senior Sabrina Walji and sophomore Maria Moya-Heyden create their own flower crowns during the club’s last meeting on March 26th. PHOTO BY B.MELENDEZ

 The fashion club has an open-door  policy. Any student, no matter how skilled or unskilled in the area of fashion, male or female, senior or freshman, can join the club and enjoy the fun. By joining the fashion club, even those who find the concept of fashion complex and challenging can benefit by learning about it.

The  club motto is, “keep it classy, with liberty and fashion for all!”  They promise to provide everyone a chance to experience fashion. These aren’t just empty words. The club focuses on more than what’s hot and what’s not on the fashion runways. They also provide free mending and alteration services to students and faculty.

If a teacher has a torn hem, or a student has a missing button, he or she can take the faulty item to the fashion club and drop it off for mending.

“I’ve actually fixed up a lot of clothes for people in the past couple weeks. In fact, I recently finished working on two prom dresses,” Kelly Wang, president of the fashion club, said.

Fixing up clothes isn’t an easy process. Even for those who have been sewing for years, getting the perfect seam can prove difficult and  time-consuming.

“It’s fun, creative . . . sometimes painful. Definitely involves the whole blood, sweat and tears thing,” fashion design teacher Lyndi Brewer said. “We call this room the sweatshop for a reason, although it’s quite cool in here today. It’s a happy sweatshop though. Don’t forget that!”

The members’ acts of kindness can immensely help out students and teachers who either don’t know how to sew, have no  access to a sewing machine, or simply don’t have the time to do it themselves.

Not only do the ones being helped benefit from these acts of kindness, but the members as well. Not only do they enjoy helping their community, but they appreciate the opportunity to have hands-on learning opportunities to further their skills and knowledge. Some members use their Fashion Club and Fashion Design experience to build a resume and continue their education in fashion after high school.

“I plan on attending FIT, or the Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York next year,” Wang said.

FIT, part of the State University of New York, is located in the heart of Manhattan and is one of the top ranking fashion schools in the world. It boasts graduates such as Calvin Klein and Michael Kors, both leaders in the US world of fashion.

But, even if one doesn’t plan to pursue a future in fashion, joining the club could still provide useful life skills, and even some life memories. By simply kicking back and making a flower crown with the club, not only do you learn how to make a nifty craft, but you have made some great memories in the progress.

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