The Final Stretch

Freshman Fahad Khan studies in the library during 5th period. PHOTO BY B.MELENDEZ
Freshman Fahad Khan studies and prepares in the library during 5th period. PHOTO BY B.MELENDEZ

As May slowly begins, signs that this school year is coming to a close such as exams, major projects, a plethora of assignments, and stress for all become more prominent. As much as students hate this time of year, they prepare and tackle these challenges and drift onto the relaxing summer vacation.

“This year was stressful,” Freshman Sage Tuchsen said. “Teachers loaded us with a whole bunch of school work, and they still are. Even though you’re having to study for all of these upcoming exams they still do it. I’m in all Pre-AP classes, so I’m going to have lots of work to do.”

Although some students claim all these assignments and projects are useless, teachers use these as guides to help students excel on upcoming exams, like the STAAR test.

“STAAR is a more rigorous assessment program that provides the foundation for a new accountability system for Texas public education,” NISD’s STAAR preparation website says.

Students start the annual tradition of taking the STAAR test in the third grade, and typically finish doing so with their STAAR EOC in eleventh grade. The test assesses students on earlier learned knowledge displays their progress they have made during the school year.

“Taking the test is extremely nerve-wracking,” freshman Morgan Bush said. “Everybody is so worried about making a good score on it, so they don’t really get anything good out of it.”

The STAAR isn’t the only thing causing test takers stress. Upcoming final exams and major projects can stack up around this time of year. However, to some, simply being productive and completing needed tasks helps relieve stress.

“I’ve had to go through this process that past three years,” senior Cecilia Gutierrez said. “I’m just looking forward to completing all the stuff I need to do and get it over with, and just enjoying summer and getting ready for college.”

To get their assignments done, some students rely on the delicacy that is coffee and various energy drinks. These beverages can keep students awake and attentive to their studies, or do the opposite.

“I’m really gonna rely on coffee to get through this month,” sophomore Garet Eddy said. “That and energy drinks.”

Although this month may seem endless for students, it will be over before we know it. School ends on June 5th, and once that day comes, students will be let out to enjoy summer.

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