Sync Your ‘Happy’ Hearts Out

Reagan’s first lip dub, a single-take video where students lip-sync to a popular song while dancing and displaying the school’s clubs and organizations, will take place on Thursday, May 8 after school.

Lip dubs are an unconventional but increasingly common way of uniting the student body. This year’s lip dub, organized by the yearbook staff, will be filmed using the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

“The purpose of the lip dub is to enhance school spirit and to beat Churchill in school spirit and views,” yearbook editor Nathan Ryan said. Churchill did a lip dub in 2012 which has accumulated over 120,000 views on YouTube.

While clubs and organizations are uniting among themselves to be a part of this video, any students are welcome to come individually and bring with them (school-appropriate) props that make them “happy”.

“Bring any items that express you or make you happy such as sombreros, jerseys, posters or anything else that represents your hobbies,” Ryan said.

35 clubs and organizations have signed up to line up along the route and anyone who shows up will be able to fill in spaces between the groups. The route, along which there will be 48 individual lip synchers, will start in Mrs. Shelton’s office and will go all the way down Independence hallway, up the Oregon stairway and along the second floor before going back down to the front of Independence hallway.

“I planned out the route by walking through the school with headphones with the song playing and I placed markers to time everything,” Ryan said, “The video will be filmed by pushing the cameraman down the hallway in a wheelchair to keep the camera steady.”

Students should arrive at their designated places at 4:15 so that filming can start by 4:30. For those students not in an organization, there should be spaces along the route that need to be filled in. The lip dub will end back at the front of independence hallway where everyone will crowd together and cheer.

“I’m really excited for this event because I’ve been planning it for so long,” Ryan said, “I really hope that a lot of people show up so we can show off all of our school spirit.”

Editor’s Note:

The lip dub was shot in three takes and the third take was used for the final edit. Principal Brenda Shelton’s beginning skit and lip synch part had to be cut because of a meeting conflict. The yearbook staff planned a fourth take to correct the sequence errors on May 23, 2014, but it was canceled the day before because of a time conflict and the delivery of yearbooks. Below is the rough cut to view on smart phones and devices.


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