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On Monday May 12, the PTA hosted the President’s Volunteer Service Awards. This award is to recognize students who have volunteered many hours of community service and participation throughout the community for a 12-month period. Exactly 96 students were awarded with a medal of either bronze, silver, or gold.

Each medal represents the number of hours each student performed in their age group. Ages 15 to 25 earn bronze medals for 100 to 174 hours, silver for 175 to 249 hours and gold for 250 or more hours. Ages 14 and younger earn bronze medals for 50 to 74 hours, silver for 70 to 99 hours, and gold for 100 or more hours.

The meeting was opened by PTA member, Mrs. Debbie Freeman and awards were giving by Principal Shelton, Mrs. Freeman, and Mrs. Gradl.


Alina Acosta

Kiran Ali

Claire Boston

Anthony Jay Brinker, Jr.

Casey Broome

Kevin Brown

Andrew Bunting

Allison Burke

Stephen Cole

Ashley Cupero

Seamus Dobbs

Matt Doherty

Michaela Donofrio

Grant Ellis

Weston Fisher

Sarah Grace Freeman

Bianca Garcia

Jake Goldberg

Luke Gradl

Dylan Halloran

Cayden Hatch

Adam Heath

Tanner Hilken

Jasmine Jamarillo

Alex Jones

Kathryn Kiolbassa

Jordyn Kukla

Mckenna Kukla

Kendal LaRocque

Brett Lester

Andrea Martino

Casey McGaughey

Richard McNealy

Drake Mcqueen

Christen Medina

Thomas Oh

Gavin Pearce

Sarah Pearce

Rayat Rashid

Tiahna Resendez

Kassidy Sablatura

Tonima Saleh

Madeleine Saunders

Sara Stechschulte

Tyler Thurmond

Mariana Trejo

Rachel Updegrove

Andrew Xiang



Philip Acosta

Bradley Ahrens

Mary Callen Freeman

Alexandra Gass

Damian Gonzales

Ryan Greentree

Chase Hinman

Abby Johnson

Zach Jordan

Caroline Kaden

Ashley Reed

Abbey Sawdon

Bilal Sheikh

Ryan Sullivan



Alyssa Aguilar

Kaitlyn Aguilar

Lauren Anderson

Sharmin Bootwala

Celina Garcia-Brinker

Tatianna Casas

Isaac Chasse

Xavier Colthirst

Sophia Ding

Brandon Dockery

Sabrina Epstein

Avery Essex

Bailee Essex

Elizabeth Faudoa

Alexandra Guevara-Stevens

Rhea Kamat

Kathleen Knocke

Colin Lantz

Julian (Lex) Lopez

Matthew Marinelli

Afreen Mistry

Drew Neely

Sana Nizarahmed

Taylor Olson

Zachary Price

Nicholas Robalin

Kenneth Robinson

Alyssa Salinas

Christopher Smith

Levi Talamas

Daniel Trujillo

Christian Vazquez

Natalia Vazquez

Christina Zhu



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