Unmasqueing Student Council

Homecoming is quickly approaching and with that comes endless preparations from Student Council.

The Student Council has put their time and efforts into making this a memorable Homecoming with loads of poster making, stage-prepping and supply ordering.

Senorita Marie Marks, StuCo adviser, wishes for the students to do as much of the planning for Homecoming as they possibly can on their own.

Senior Tori Karam is the Student Council Corresponding Secretary and has worked tirelessly to prepare for homecoming.

“This is my second year [on student council] and this year we have planned everything and received materials much sooner than we did last year,” Karam said.

With less than three weeks until homecoming, it is reassuring to know that everything is on schedule and will be ready for the dance.

The Student Council as a whole wants Homecoming to be a huge success, but many of the members have more personal goals for the dance.

“My goal is to create a lively and fun environment and for everyone to have a great time at homecoming,” Karam said.

The Student Council has planned exactly how the dance will look and finished ordering all the materials necessary to make their vision come to life.

Working with the JROTC Sabre team, StuCo has been able to make sure the stage is going to be great at Homecoming.

Like much of the student body, they are excited for this year’s Masquerade Ball and hope to create amazing memories.

“We are most excited to create a fun and memorable setting for all the Reagan students and watch them all unmasque the night away,” Karam said.

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