Major Fair Gives Major Opportunity

This Saturday, November 15, there will be a Major Fair. Students can come and discover different types of potential majors they can delve into once they reach college.

The fair is geared toward any grade level and is presented by Ms. Choi and Mu Alpha Theta. “It is mostly geared toward juniors and seniors, but any grade level can come,” Choi said.

The majors offered at the fair are mainly STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related. “There are over twenty majors attending, including biology, computer science, cyber security, economics, and psychology,” Choi said. “However, if this year is successful, next year we will get more liberal arts majors to come out and join us.”

Choi and Mu Alpha Theta wanted the fair to be beneficial to students and what they will be getting into once they choose their major, focusing on the course and what it entails rather than how to apply to the college.

“We’re not inviting administration from colleges. We invited professors and students so they can actually talk about what it means to major in biology, for example. It’s a more one on one experience.”

Ms. Choi and Mu Alpha Theta will be there along with students and professors from different colleges to help students see where you fit. From nine to noon in the cafeteria, any student can come and discuss his or her interests and goals for college.


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