Shattered Dreams Becomes Reality in Simulation

The Student Council simulated a drunk driving car crash as part of the national Shattered Dreams program to encourage seniors and juniors to make good decisions throughout Spring Break and the rest of their lives.

An announcement led seniors and juniors to the site of the crash in the Orange Lot, and as they arrived, firetrucks, police cars, ambulance and a helicopter descended onto the scene.

Junior Katie Labat was seen laying on the concrete and then taken away, and the upperclassmen later saw her mother deliver a eulogy and a video of her being pronounced dead at the hospital. Senior Tori Karam, the drunk driver in the simulation, was taken away in a police car, and later shown at the courthouse being sentenced by a judge. The helicopter took away senior Georganne Munoz, and the Jaws of Life tore the roof off of the car to get to juniors Megan Bradford and Miranda Martinez.

The closing message was a plea to the students to stay away from alcohol, and if they could not do that, ask a parent or a friend to pick them up instead of driving drunk.

As the students left, Student Council asked viewers to tie a ribbon to the trees in the front as a symbol of their promise to stay away from drinking and driving.

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