A Rio Carnival Homecoming

For most students, spirit week kicks off homecoming season. But for Student Council, which plans and runs the dance, homecoming prep starts in May, and continues through the summer.

“The first topic (Student Council) talks about is homecoming,” said Hailey Thomas, a STUCO member, “And by the end of the last week of school we pick our homecoming theme, the fake theme and the real theme.”

Student Council does all of the decorating for homecoming.

“On that Saturday, we get (to Blossom Athletic Center) at 7 am, then we set up everything,” Thomas said. “We’re required to come at midnight and come and clean up.”

Each year, Student Council debates themes.

“We all bounce ideas off of each other, and slowly we just vote, and vote, and vote, and it narrows down,” said Katie Labot, STUCO president. “The weirdest definitely was Jurassic Park, ‘cause people were making dinosaur noises trying to get it to be sold.”

This year, the theme is Rio Carnival.

“Feathers on feathers on feathers,” Labot said. “We want the whole effect of being in Rio, and all the vibrant colors that pop.”

One new feature is an igloo-shaped photo booth.

“We’re gonna have a bunch of props so people can put on boas and hats,” said Thomas.

For Student Council, working to plan homecoming is rewarding.

“My favorite part about planning is during Rattler Roundup when we tell everyone the real theme and the fake theme,” said Labot. “I love seeing the people’s faces; how shocked and excited they can be.”

STUCO spends hours planning and setting up homecoming, in and out of school.

“We spend three hours decorating the gym, and making it as much not a gym as possible. (We) make it more appealing to the students and make it more dance-like,” said Labot. “Everyone gets to enjoy it.”

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