The Neighbourhood Floods Stubb’s with Talent

Though I would consider myself a fairly avid fan of the Neighbourhood, up until two days before their show on September 18 at Stubb’s BBQ, I had no plans to attend their The Flood tour. However, a friend approached me with an extra ticket for sale at face value, and I wasn’t going to say no. So, that Friday, I found myself waiting for two hours in line for a concert that would blow me away.

The opening acts were what really stole my heart at the concert. The first opener, a six-member band named Hunny, was someone I had never heard of until about four hours prior to the concert–in those four hours I managed to become the biggest fan possible. I knew all their names. When the keyboardist, Kevin Grimmett, came out early to set up things, no one in the crowd seemed to realize the beauty that was among them. I knew. I briefly became a fangirl and yelled at Jacob until he waved in my general direction.

Musically, they were such a pleasant experience. Their song ‘Natalie’ in particular was a jam, one that has become a staple in my car. It’s easy to understand why they were chosen to join the tour. They have good beats, incredible charisma, and fantastic musical skills. My heart also swelled three sizes for Kevin’s vintage dad outfit.

Bad Suns, a band that I casually knew, performed well musically, which was to be expected. They’re hardly new to the touring game, and lately they’ve grown exponentially in popularity. What did surprise me is the incredible stage presence they had, in particular the lead singer, Christo Bowman. He came out with a fancy poncho on, spinning around and just being a delight. After the first song, he whipped it off and absolutely ruled the crowd. He had the energy to fill all of Stubbs, and during their set I forgot that I was pressed against complete strangers and drenched in sweat.

The Neighbourhood impressed me mostly with their vocal performances. The singer, Jesse Rutherford, had incredible energy, brought down only slightly by the apparent apathy of the other band members. The set list had a surprising amount of songs off their new album, Wipeout!.There was a slightly odd part when they all left the stage halfway through, followed by Jesse coming out alone for a song before the rest of the band joined him. Other than that, it was an outstanding performance, and I would highly adding the Neighbourhood to your ‘To See Live’ list.

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