Rare Supermoon Lunar Eclipse: Blood Moon

This rare phenomenon occurred September 27, 2015. This moon is rare because it last happened in 1982 and will not be seen again until 2033. The lunar eclipse happens when Earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light, which normally is reflected off the moon. The moon is at it’s closest point in orbit making it about 14% larger than normal and is referred to as a “supermoon.” The lunar eclipse makes the moon a ruddy color because the small amount of light that makes it around Earth is bent to the red wavelength when it bathes the moon’s surface.

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This is Senior Bethany Melendez's third year on newspaper staff and third year as photo editor. She loves to take pictures and contribute to other staff member's stories. Bethany loves music and hopes to study photojournalism in college and one day join the peace corps. She can be reached at bmelendez6200@stu.neisd.net

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