When Charity and Art Combine

Throughout the month of October, the junior class officers along with Student Faculty Congress are hosting a unique twist on canned food drives. Canstruction is a nation-wide canned food drive in which participants form teams and compete to build the best, most creative sculpture out of canned food. Julianne Lefelhocz, a junior class officer, brought the idea to Reagan after seeing the competition at North Star mall.

“They made really cool structures, really big, very intense can structures,” said Lefelhocz. “I wrote up the proposal [for Canstruction] over the summer, which was exciting, I really enjoyed that. I thought it would be a good way to apply Reagan’s intellectual ideas and creativity while benefiting our community.”

Collection started on October 1st and runs through the 21st. Then, clubs and organizations have two days to build their structures, before winners are announced on Friday, October 23rd. Cans are donated to the San Antonio Food Bank that afternoon.

“The food banks get a lot of cans and other goods right around Thanksgiving,” Julianne said, “We wanted to provide something that was close to that time but a little bit earlier.”

The goal of Canstruction is to show how donation brings people together.

“When you see everything together it actually creates something beautiful and something amazing,” said Julianne. “People don’t usually see that when they’re giving a few cans.”

Throughout Canstruction, Julianne hopes to leave another tradition of charity for Reagan.

“I want to make it so next year, it’ll get bigger, and the juniors next year [will] hopefully take it over, so we leave a legacy,” she said. “That’s something that inspires me so I’ll try to make it  the best I can.”

Junior class officers also plan to run an anti-cyberbullying campaign early 2016, the Positively Post-it Campaign, in which students write positive messages on Post-it notes and display them all across the school.

“High schoolers can be very affected by social media and are very impressionable,” said Sabrina Epstein, a member of Student Faculty Congress. “To draw attention that this is a problem, and to celebrate positivity and to encourage it in such a fun way, will really be the best way to go about making change.”


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