Review of Troye Sivan’s “WILD”

One of the biggest and most popular YouTubers of his time, Troye Sivan began his career online years ago. But now, he has achieved so much more, with a sold out tour in America, endless fans backing him up, and now, a brand new EP, titled “WILD”.

Mixing melodies that entice feelings of both escape yet humane reality, Troye Sivan does quite the job in creating new pop music in today’s day and age. The beats are heavy, strong, and the lyric repetition present in multiple songs provides a well-weaved and sensational Extended Play.

To pair well with his music, Troye Sivan has released multiple music videos, under the general title of “Blue Neighborhood.” These depict the ups and downs of two boys involved in a romantic relationship, distinctly giving the songs further depth than just what meets the eye.

With LGBTQ themes playing into “WILD”, impressive melodies painted with unique elements, and a thriving musician all behind it, Troye Sivan’s “WILD” could be the beginning of a serious contender in the future of the music industry.

Find Sivan’s EP is available on iTunes and other music providers.

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