Here They Come: Maddie & Tae

Up and coming musical duo Maddie & Tae pack a punch in their debut album. The country style is similar to Taylor Swift’s early music, with more of a Western feel. No matter your stylistic preference though, it’s a great album to play in the background for a relaxed ambiance.

There are a mix of fast and slow songs, with lyrics ranging from love to social commentary. While the lyrics are generally well-written, the song “Sierra” does have an interesting quirk. The chorus’s main line is “Karma is a…”, with a variety of different endings. It feels like the writers went out of their way to avoid completing the phrase with the word on most listeners’ minds. This disrupts flow and is rather distracting. The intent is almost lost anyway as the meaning is explicitly implied, the only thing missing is the phonetic word.

Contrastly, “Girl in a Country Song”, one of the main hits of the album, has some insightful, yet still light-hearted, social commentary. It describes how girls in country songs have ¬†lost all respect, and become complete objects to guys. Generally male singers talk about loving girls, and this song speaks from the point of view of the girl, an intriguing artistic choice. While chastising general country love songs, the lyrics stay positive and fun to listen to, a feat easily underestimated.

The album is diverse, with generic and unique tunes alike. I recommend it to fans of country music, although the album is good even without a particular love of Western. Overall, I give it a 4/5 stars for pleasant music and good lyrics. If you’re interested, check out the artists and some of their songs for free at



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