Selena Gomez’s “Revival”

Selena Gomez released her second studio album last week, Revival, to excellent reception. The album, opening with a spoken word verse, immediately sets a new tone for the pop star, separating her from her previous singles and giving her a more mature style. The music is driven by electronic harmonies, with Gomez’s voice as the most powerful feature. Tempos are fast and the bass is strong. The songs have catchy beats and snappy drumlines. The album is destined to top charts.

The biggest distinction from her previous singles are the mature lyrics, with songs featuring more adult content than before. She also displays more emotionally mature lyrics: the main themes of the album are recovery, self-identity, and survival. Bursting from her teen star archetype, she proves to the public she is capable of entering the adult world.  

In the first song, Revival, Gomez sets the tone for the entire album, empowering herself with lyrics such as, “I’ve been under self-restoration, I’ve become my own salvation.” She opens the song with a spoken intro, reminding the listener not only of another pop superstar, Taylor Swift, but also of her stylistic changes and growth.

One song, Camouflage, featuring piano and string instrumentals, slows down. It is heartache and sorrow, and is the only acoustic song in the album. It contains just as much feeling and passion as any other song in the album, but takes the time to simmer and saturate in the pain it details.

Another song, Body Heat, an example of the new adult content on the album, features a melody filled with brass and classical guitar. It’s style is fast and energetic, and delivers a salsa feel to the album, diversifying the album’s range.

Overall, Selena Gomez’s second studio album is an enormous accomplishment for her. It gives her a new identity without redefining her whole image. This album, a 10/10 for pop music lovers, can only rise in popularity over the next few weeks.

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