What Happened to Teacher Web?

The teacher websites have gotten some remodeling, and not just for kicks. Teachers and students alike are still adjusting to the change, but this may be a positive direction for Reagan onine.

“At first I was a little dismayed, because we had used it [Teacher Web] for so long, and as with anything else, I was used to it and I knew how to maneuver it and with this new one, it’s different,”AP English teacher Diana Butler, said. “I think it’s going to be better, but it takes a while to get used to.”

The decision to drop Teacher Web was not a voluntary one by the district, however.

“What the district did is they no longer had a contract with the provider that was doing Teacher Web,” Computer Science teacher Dean Arteaga, said. “So we had to move on to another product.”

The “other product” is rather anything available on the Web.

“The district was very open to teachers choosing what they felt they liked the best,” Arteaga said. “Mrs. Shelton was very open to ¬†teachers approaching her about other things like Weebly and blogs and stuff to choose. She was very open to it, she helped us all out.”

Most of the teachers went with Google Sites, encouraged by Mrs. Shelton.

“Since Google already has a relationship with the district, and most of the district IT personnel are familiar with Google, then that was a natural thing for us to choose here,” Arteaga said. “If there’s ever a question, and I”m not available, then the district could help them.”

The staff is optimistic that Google Sites will work well, with a little bit of practice.

“I’d like to see how things transpire. Right now, I like it, but I’m a little apprehensive, because I’m not used to it,” Butler said. “But I feel that by mid-year, end-of-the-year, hopefully, I’ll be getting it quickly.”

Between Google Sites and Teacher Web, Arteaga believes both have their good and bad sides.

“Personally, I could go with either one. Google Sites allow you a lot more flexibility on what it looks like, but at the same time, Teacher Web was a lot easier to use for a lot of people, including myself. It was just something you stuck up there and my students could get to it and it was easy,” he said. “It’s a little more work to use Google Sites, but they’re about the same.”

Overall though, teachers know the nature of education.

“I think in the education field, nothing stays the same and nothing stays forever,” Butler said. “It was bound to happen.”


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