A Thought on Teachers

Many people are aware that being a teacher is not exactly the highest paying job that one could strive for in life. In fact, many people think that they should be paid even more; after all, that’s what they deserve.

Here’s why not.

It isn’t that they aren’t deserving of more cash in their pockets. Think about it this way: a person who wishes to have a high paying job and live the high life is most likely greedy, the kind of person who mostly just wants more money for their own personal gain. IF a teacher’s salary went up, society would be receiving people in places where they should instead be who might be greedy for money. But if the money goes up, the arrival of heartless people may as well.

It’s not that a person can’t want money, it’s that teachers are people that have their priorities elsewhere. It shouldn’t be about money. Teachers need to be attentive, they need to be willing to do their very best not just for them to get their full salary, but also because they truly wish for the good of their students. If a teacher’s salary went up and teachers were paid more, the next generation could be brought up by hot-blooded, money-thirsty individuals. Students would just soak that up and pass it down which may not be the best idea.

But deserving and actually receiving are two separate things. While teachers do deserve to be paid more, actually, not getting it could be for the better.

A rebuttal to this editorial, “Another Thought on Teachers,” can be found at http://newspaper.neisd.net/reagan/?p=18447

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