Marching Toward Success

The Reagan marching band has been an award-winning organization for years, taking first place or earning near top spots in many competitions across the nation. This season has been the best in ten years, with the band winning first place at nearly every competition where they have competed. The final and biggest competition of the year, Bands of America San Antonio, took place on October 30th and 31st, with the band winning second place against schools all across Texas.

“One of [Mr. Morrison’s] favorite quotes is ‘Happy, not satisfied’,” said band president, Ethan Swallows. “That, I think, was really the mindset he got the whole band in, and I think that was the reason for our success.”

Daniel Morrison was the assistant director at Reagan until this year, when he took over as Director of Bands.

“[Mr. Morrison] just brought the fire of youth and the exuberance,” said Swallows. “He was able to step into that role and push us to even higher levels.”

On October 3rd, the band won the Bands of America Conroe competition.

“In my four years, the proudest moment I’ve had was conducting the band through our encore performance after winning Conroe,” said senior drum major Olivia Curtis. “It was so emotional and I cried throughout the entire show.”

BOA Conroe was the first win of the season.

“[When we won BOA Conroe, Mr. Morrison] just singled me out,” said Swallows. “He was just like ‘Ethan, good job today, man, we’ve done it.’ He pulled me in for a hug, and it was just like tears in the corners of my eyes I was like, ‘Yes. That was good.’”

Directors and students alike have high expectations for each performance, leading to rigorous practices, three to four hours a day, and close connections.

“I’ll miss all of the people the most,” said Curtis. “We’ve become close. We truly are a family.”

This year the show is called Every(one), and is based on the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

“I think marching band is a direct example of that,” said Morrison. “We have a lot of really talented individuals, but when they all come together the product that they are able to achieve on the field is something that the individual wouldn’t be capable of doing without the rest of the group.”

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  1. Lovely article! My daughter is Debbie Stine and Conner Stine is my grandson. I am so excited about all the band has achieved! I played in an orchestra and am glad when kids have music in their schooling. Thank you for jobs well done!

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