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The Chemistry Club gives students the chance to do extra experiments outside of class and spend time with fellow chemistry enthusiasts. Students meet on the first Friday of every month for labs and breakfast tacos.

“We use chemistry everyday whether or not we realize it,” president Meg Burns said. “The barista who made your latte this morning used chemistry to foam the milk and put everything together in the right proportions. When something is so integral in everything, I think you need to know the purposes behind it.”

Membership for Chemistry Club has been growing since it was founded four years ago. This year the Chemistry Club had to restrict its membership to seventy people.

“Unfortunately, we [had to limit membership], for safety reasons,” Burns said. “We had a much bigger turnout than we thought we would have this year, and we really were so sad that we couldn’t [accept everyone] this year.”

The club was founded by Bridget Cavallaro, after she was approached by interested students.

“It was one of the biggest surprises starting this club just how much fun kids can have with chemistry and with the Chem Club,” Cavallaro said. “[I’m] really glad I did it.”

Chem Club focuses on experiments that can be performed by chemistry students of any level.

“It’s open to regular, Pre-AP and AP students,” Cavallaro said. “You don’t have to ace [the class] you just have to love chemistry and make sure you behave appropriately in the lab.”

Members are provided with a more flexible environment than a typical Chemistry class.

“We get to do fun experiments,” Sophomore Taimur Unider said. “When you do it in class you have a very limited time, but in Chem Club we just get to do it.”

Students also get the chance to learn more about the subject.

“We’re able to learn a bunch of stuff about chemistry but do it in a cool way,” sophomore Emma Wood said. “[I like] having a hands-on experience for everything.”

Chemistry Club provides students with the opportunity to continue their science experience.

“Science can be logical and methodical and wonderful but it can also be fun and crazy and be an amazing community to be a part of,” Burns said. “I really hope they take that with them and take that into consideration when they go to college and beyond.”

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