DECA Picks Up Trash In Parking Lots

DECA members are doing their part to assist janitorial staff in cleaning up the parking lots after school.

“Such a small service such as picking up trash shouldn’t only be laid in the hands of the janitors but also in the hands of the students. If such big projects are done by one club consisting of fifteen people, if every student did their part we should be able to keep our school clean,” DECA Vice President of Community Service, junior Darby Lett said.

“The members of DECA shouldn’t have to pick up trash, although in a realistic sense the students are not willing to pick up their trash,” junior Emily Arce-Chang said.

Not only do the DECA students do trash pickups but also have a good time doing so. The DECA team creates competitions in doing these trash pickups to motivate the students to do as much as they can in the span of these 20 minute service projects.

“Every time we assist, we make a new initiative to help everyone get motivated.  Sometimes it’s who can find the weirdest object, other times it’s who can pick up the most trash.”said Arce-Chang

These trash pickups are not only available to DECA members but any student willing to help.  Any student may participate in this project to help better their school and their society. The organization is not looking for credit for their deeds, but instead just to do something to better their community.

“We are happy to help our campus in this way, we would also like to encourage all the students to look around the parking lot as they exit and enter to really take a good look of how much trash is out there. We are surprised to see how many bags of trash we can collect in just a twenty minute span,” DECA sponsor Michelle Moore said.

DECA will have another pickup on Feb 17 after school at 4:20.

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