Club of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The upcoming Harry Potter Club, founded by seniors Christa Schultz and Natalia Landin, aims to be a safe and welcoming place for students to gather and share their thoughts. The first meeting will be after school on Monday, February 29.

“It was [started] because of just wanting to feel like you’re a part of the story,” Landin said. “To have activities that are based off the award winning series of books and movies and to feel like it’s a home away from home.”

The club will feature activities such as sorting people into houses, playing games related to the series, and friendly group discussions.  

“Sometimes having a big socratic dialogues is the best way for people to share their opinions,” Landin said. “There are ways that you can show [people they’re welcome] without physically talking to them.”

Schultz and Landin met in English their junior year, and asked their teacher to sponsor the club last semester, despite the fact that she’s never read Harry Potter.

“I like to know more about my students than just what they do in class,” sponsor Marion Dick said. “I like to know what they’re involved in, what their strengths are, what their passions are and to cheer them on in that. Even though I don’t know anything about Harry Potter, I can be a cheerleader.”

The club’s founders draw on lessons from the books to help them in their new leadership roles.

“[At the first meeting I’ll say], ‘Hey guys, welcome to Harry Potter Club. I’m scared of where I’m standing right now,’” Schultz said. “[The members will] probably laugh and I’ll laugh with them because they’ll understand that [speaking out] scares them, [too].”

Activities for the club remain open, with service projects and fundraisers options for the future.  

“You don’t see the kind of bonds in real life that you see in books and movies,” Landin said. “So what we try to form is [friendship], that’s the closest thing that we have in this world to magic.”


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