Costa Rica Trip 2016

This spring break students had the oppurtunity to visit Costa Rica through the AP environmental  science classes. Students from Reagan, Churchill, and MacArthur high school came together. The first stop was at the Quetzal Lodge  where cabins sat at the top of cloud mountains. We were surrounded by wildlife and an abundance of hummingbirds. Another stop was at Don Juan’s organic farm where for two nights. Don Juan provided an interactive tour where students were able to eat, harvest, and even wear the produce. We also had the privilege of visiting a local school called El Mano where we were able to donate school supplies and  interact with the kids.

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This is Senior Bethany Melendez's third year on newspaper staff and third year as photo editor. She loves to take pictures and contribute to other staff member's stories. Bethany loves music and hopes to study photojournalism in college and one day join the peace corps. She can be reached at

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