Emeline Lakrout’s Final 30

In the field of journalism, -30- indicates the end of a story.  In the profession of journalism, it has become tradition for staff members to label their farewell piece as a “30 column,” paying homage to the -30- mark that dates back to the days of typewriters.

Leaving high school is the most terrifying but awesome thing I’ve ever done. It’s the end of a four-year adventure that took me from a crazy kid to a young adult. My life at this point has always consisted of public education, with the ultimate goal being college, and now that’s changing forever. But on the other side of this change is independence and opportunity.

I came to Reagan as a junior. Starting over anywhere is difficult, especially with the normal stress of junior year at a competitive school like Reagan. As for a lot of students, electives were a good relief from the stress. I chose to join the Reagan Recorder as one of them. Thanks to the adviser Garrett Herbst and Editor-in-Chief Jaymi Morris, I had the opportunity to explore my new school. I met new people and investigated stories like sex education and Ben Carson’s candidacy. I count myself lucky to have been a part of the experience.

From taking trips to DC and Orlando to frantically writing pieces about Title IX, journalism has been one of my best high school decisions. As I prepare for college, I’m both sad at leaving and excited to join a new staff. High school was a tough and great time speckled with opportunity. Now I pass the baton to next year’s freshmen and seniors to take on the pressure of  titles like “next generation” and “hope for the future.”  Good luck.

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