Jaymi Morris’s Final 30

In the field of journalism, -30- indicates the end of a story.  In the profession of journalism, it has become tradition for staff members to label their farewell piece as a “30 column,” paying homage to the -30- mark that dates back to the days of typewriters.

In eighth grade, I told my family I wanted to do newspaper in high school. My sister was skeptical and told me not to get my hopes too high because the publications department was fairly award-winning and I may not rise too high in the organization.

Well, Kori, I’m a senior now and I’ve been editor-in-chief for two years, assistant editor for one and director of fun for a semester. I’ve been to state three times and I’ve been awarded nationally and I can now confidently state that I think I’ve done pretty okay for myself.

I have been planning this 30 column since my freshman year, and I’m still not exactly sure what I want to say, but I know for a fact that there are so, so many people I need to thank for getting me this far. As editor, I’m used to telling people to shorten their stories, but I think just for once I’ll let the word count get a little crazy. (Please?)

Ms. Sandoval, Kris Seavers and Nick Hayes, thank you so much for your mentoring and the leadership you taught me. All three of you gave me so many different lessons and I am proud to have been on a staff led by each of you. I would not have accomplished all that I have without the examples you set forth. You instilled in me such a love of journalism that will never leave me.

Mr. Herbst, thank you for allowing me to follow stories, to lead the staff these past two years and for staying late, even if me and the others were getting a little loopy.

Lauren, Bethany, Trey, Urub, Nathan, Kate, Alyssa and Cristina, I love all of you to the Balfour plant and back. You have supported me through break downs in the dark room to competitions at state. Each of you are such strong, amazing and incredibly inspiring individuals. My time on staff meant the most when it was with you guys. Lauren and Beth, you guys are guiding lights to me. You both have amazing visions for you future and I’m so confident that you’ll achieve them. Alyssa and Kate, you make me so excited to spend next year with you. #liveBANGS

Benjamin, thank you for all the phone calls you’ve picked up, for all the advice I’ve asked for and received, for not allowing me to be less than I am, for teaching me so, so many things, the least of which being beard care. You are the Ron Swanson to my Leslie Knope and the Jack Donaghy to my Liz Lemon.

Kendal and Nuria, this yearbook is so amazing and I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of the work you have done and the people you have become. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for allowing me to have a part in creating it.

To the many, many, MANY, other staffers who I have known and simply cannot take the time to name, all of you have impacted me to the extreme. Thank you for giving me and the Reagan Publications department your time and energy.

To my family and non-publications friends, Logan especially, thank you for supporting me in times where I must have seemed insane with stress and for making me take a moment to vent about it. For all that my staff did in the classroom, you held me together outside of it.

I think I am the only person who will ever really understand what my time in this department has done to me as a person. When I entered, I was a mousy freshman with no goals for my future or real passions. Leaving, I am confident and ready for my time at UT Austin, where I have a long checklist of things to achieve. I could try and explain all that this department means to me, I could go on poetic rambles and I could describe every little detail of that classroom to you, but I don’t think anyone would understand the space it has in my heart. Publications has been my home for four years, and while I am terrified to leave it, I know that it will continue to take me places in my future.


About Jaymi Morris

Senior Jaymi Morris is the editor-in chief of the Recorder. This is her fourth year on staff. She plans on pursuing Communications in college. You can reach her at jmorris0955@stu.neisd.net

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